We've got a lot of cool folks traveling into Austin in the coming weeks. From Ali Bouzari (our first intern who is now a culinary rockstar genius about to release his new book Ingredient on 9/27) to the brewers at Goose Island to a former president ready to taste and talk cheese.... Read on for details and make sure to get in on the fun.
9/14 (5:30pm) - Our friends over at Goose Island are flying into town for #migrationweek and they're landing here at the Cheese House to chat beer and cheese!  They will be sampling 4 different beers with 6 different cheeses all for $5!  The event starts at 5:30 on September 14th.  Click here to purchase tickets!

Meet the former President! Meet the Best of Show Cheeses!

Hot off the heels of announcing last week's awesome event on Jasper Hill cheeses, we got another amazing opportunity. We just found out our good friend Christine Hyatt, former President of the American Cheese Society, is visiting in town. We asked her to join John in leading a tasting of award-winning domestic cheeses that have taken home BEST OF SHOW ribbons from the ACS competition. So, if you want to meet one of our cheese celebrities and taste some of the best cheeses the USA has to offer, come to this class, co-lead by John and Christine. (Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to get a sitter...). Ticket details for the Thursday 9/15 (6:30-8:30pm) class are here.

Cast Your Vote...

Hey Austinites! There are two big polls open right now, one for the Austin Chronicle and one for Austin Monthly. If you love us and love what we do, vote for us! Recognition from these contests helps small businesses like ours get attention and get foot traffic. We often find these polls tricky because our concept doesn't really "fit in" anywhere. We're not a restaurant; we're not an artisan. We don't craft cheese; we craft stories... and the experience of tasting artisanal foods! So if you enjoy coming into a shop that encourages you to taste everything and provides cut-to-order service, help us claim a spot in the polls.

 We'd appreciate your vote for "Service" in the Austin Chronicle Food & Drink category and for "Grocery Store" in the Austin Monthly Shopping category. (We know that's a stretch, but there's no category that artisanal food shops or small specialty shops even fit into.) We're proud of what we do and honored to serve you. Thank you to the Austin Chronicle and Austin Monthly for creating these polls, shining a light on many of Austin's great gems and supporting local folks and businesses.

Food Fight!

On Sunday, October 23rd from 5-8pm, come to the gorgeous Barr Mansion to rub elbows, grab bites, and sip libations with some of the food and wine industry's leading women, members of the Austin chapter of Les Dames D'Escoffier. This annual fundraiser aims to raise awareness, money, and support for women in the culinary industry, as well as provide grants to those looking to get into it. Save the date now, and stay tuned for ticket purchasing info.

Casie's Adopt-an-Alp Trip to Switzerland - Days 4& 5

This week, we're catching up on Day 3 of Casie's trip to the Swiss Alps to study the process of transhumance, that is, moving the cows up the mountainside in progressive stages for diverse foliage and grazing, resulting in a delicious milk that's turned into mountain cheeses in traditional (challenging and laborious!) ways: "Day 4 was all about 'big cheese.' We toured a massive facility where giant robots flipped and washed wheels of cheese and machines cut, shred, and packaged the fruits of the robots' labor. It was like being inside an episode of an educational show about how things are made, or to this starry-eyed cheesemonger, like peeking behind the wizard's curtain. We had melted cheese for lunch (fondue) and I had melted cheese for dinner (raclette). Day 5 we left the city of Gruyeres and drove to Alp Obern Galm. This was the highest altitude Alp we'd seen so far. The sky was pristinely blue and there was snow still on the ground. Because of the high altitude of this cheesemake room, the family had a mobile milking station that could drive out into the high meadows where the cows are, rather than trying to herd them up twice a day.  It was pretty ingenious.  We dined al fresco under the perfect blue sky and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude, beautiful smallness and being perfectly at peace."