October Schedule of Tastings; Peace Day Austin; Cast Your Vote...; The Health Benefits of Cheese

It may not feel like it some days, but as of tomorrow, Fall is officially here; hooray! It's my favorite time of the year! (Actually, every season change is my favorite... until I'm tired of it and ready for another change ...) We're celebrating with a whole slew of new cheese classes and tastings. Since its American Cheese Month, we're making sure to feature some of our favorite American cheeses. Lucky for us (and you!), Austin Beer Week and Oktoberfest mean we're doing a lot of beer friendly cheeses and tastings. For a complete list of ourOctober schedulevisit here. You can also get details on class specifics and information on how to purchase tickets. Hope to see you soon!
  • Tue 10/4: Cheese 101 - The Seven Styles of Cheese

  • Wed 10/5: Parmigiano Reggiano Academy - A Taste for Knowledge
  • Thur 10/6: Cheese 101 - The Seven Styles of Cheese
  • Tue 10/11: Taste Off: Wisconsin v. California v. Vermont Cheeses
  • Thu 10/13: American Cheese & BYOB American Beer
  • Fri 10/21: An Antonelli's Cheese Date Night
  • Tues 10/25: Candy and Cheese Class - Halloween Special
  • Thu 10/27: Candy and Cheese Class - Halloween Special 
Peace Day Austin
Today is International Peace Day! Every year, millions of people and thousands of organizations across the world organize all kinds of events to promote awareness of Peace Day, and to encourage peace-building, forgiveness, reconciliation, nonviolence, and dignity for all in their own local communities. What we do personally and locally nurtures our humanity globally. Have a peaceful commute, talk to a co-worker about how to practice peaceful exchanges, be kind to a stranger, have a dance party, take a walk, hug a friend, meditate, smile, 

TAKE A PEACE DAY SELFIE in our Cheese Shop and post it to social media under the #PEACEDAYATX.Or....just spend a moment of mindfulness about how you can be a catalyst for peace. It begins with you! Wishing you a peaceful day. Visit here for information of how you can engage with your city. 
Cast Your Vote...
The Austin Monthly poll for the best things/folks/places in Austin is still live through 10/9. We'd appreciate your vote for "Grocery Store" in the Shopping category. While we aren't a traditional grocery store, we are considered a specialty grocery store and we're pretty proud of our artisanal products made mostly by hand and by smaller producers on family farms across America. If you love what we do (and what you get to eat as a result), we appreciateyour vote!
The Health Benefits of Cheese
Yet another article on recent research and a study shows some of the health benefits of cheese, specifically that a diet including high-fat cheese helps raise good HDL cholesterol and can protect against cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Moreover, diets containing high levels of protein, calcium, and Vitamin D can assist with weight loss and weight management. This article sites other recent studies show that "cheese consumption prevents fat accumulation in the liver" and that "cheese could be the key to a faster metabolism and reduced obesity." Studies show the consumption of certain cheeses can lower blood pressure and reduce the chance of heart disease and diabetes. At the past American Cheese Society conference, I attended a panel taught by cheese expert Max McCalman and dietitian Elaine Khosrova where they mentioned that attributes of certain cheeses can fight cancers, regulate mood, and fight depression. For the record, we are not doctors and no information should ever be taken in a vacuum. Each study consisted of specific diets and composition. That being said, we're glad to see this recent trend of debunking the "fats are bad" diets that have dominated the past couple of decades. Cheese is a near perfect food and can be good for you!