Fareground Austin









Three cheeses, bread, crackers and an assortment of pairing bites.

Taste of Place                     A unique selection of three cheeses all from one specific region of the world! $15

One of a Kind                     A fun board to compare and contrast three cheeses from one style or one type! $15

Collaboration                     Three cheeses paired with three amazing accompaniments! $15

Explore                               Trust your Cheesemonger!  An adventurous choice of three cheeses! $15



PLOUGHMAN’S                   An easy meal of cheese and charcuterie with mixed greens, fresh fruit, bread and a spread. $10

CHARCUTERIE LOVER      An assortment of four meats, cornichon, peppadew peppers, sweet & tangy mustard and bread $12

PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO  with prosciutto, arugula, balsamic vinegar, and bread $12

FAMILY STYLE                    Shareable selection of five cheeses, three meats, and accompaniments.  Served with bread and crackers $60




Grilled Cheese                      A rotating selection of cheese, charcuterie and spreads on Pain Levain with a mixed green salad. $10

Casatica di Bufala                Ready-to-eat with smoked turkey, booze thyme cherries, and mixed greens on a bahn mi bun. $10

Brick Spread                        Ready-to-eat (Cow/Wisconsin), pork rillettes, cornichon, garlic aioli, on baguette $10

Creamy Tomato soup          Fire roasted tomatoes with fresh basil, thyme, and crushed red pepper $6

Combo                                  Any sandwich + soup $15




Cheese & Macaroni             Stove top cheese & mac with our signature blend of eight specialty cheeses $6/9

Blue cheese salad               Blue Paradise, greens, bacon, candied walnuts, pear, and balsamic vinaigrette $10

Panzanella Burrata              Cream-filled mozzarella on tomatoes, marinated bread chunks, and basil dressed with olive oil and white wine vinegar $12




Speck Americano - $4                         Marcona Almonds - $3                                     

FINOCCHIONA SALAMI - $4              Quince Paste - $3                                            

Sopressata Salami - $4                       Honeycomb - $4                                               

WHOLE grain mustard - $3                 Single Origin Chocolate - $4

Castelvetrano Olives - $2                    Quarter Baguette - $1

Gluten-Free Crackers - $2 (or sub for $1)




Green bee HONEY SODA - $3.50                     

Waterloo SPARKLING WATER - $1.25