Our goal is to provide you with a diverse selection of artisanal cheese, both domestic and imported. We strive to source unique products and get them onto your plates at their prime (or a little younger if your party is a few days away). When you step into the shop, the wonderfully-stinky aromas will fill your nose and the large cheese case piled high with glorious wedges will catch your eyes. For many, it takes their breath away (especially kids who plug their noses). Don't be intimidated though, because you'll promptly be greeted by a cheesemonger, who will in turn serve as your personal guide throughout your entire stay.

It is our job as cheesemongers to introduce you to the cheese case, which is arranged in the seven styles of cheese, as our shop has defined them. We hope that our dedicated service makes cheese-buying both approachable and educational. The personal service also enables our cheesemongers to guide you through a tasting to better find what suits your palate at that particular moment. Sampling and tasting is an integral part of the experience we offer you, giving you a deep understanding of what you are purchasing. We also regularly rotate our cheese selection, and your cheesemonger can point you towards new, amazing products or help you find alternatives to your old favorites. Moreover, our fresh cut to order service helps you get cheese straight from the wheel, at its peak, and in the exact amount you need. At the end of your first visit to the Cheese Shop, our cheesemongers will ask if you'd like us to create a Cheese Log. This service allows us to track all of your purchases under your name so that you can refer back to it upon future visits. That way you never forget that yellowish round cheese that was semi-soft and tasted of butter.  (Don't worry; we won't ask you for other contact information; this service is purely for your benefit!)

We're often asked how we decide which cheeses to feature in our case? The answer is simple: We eat! We taste! We research! We travel when possible. We visit cheese producers at their dairies and farms to see what new projects they have up their sleeves. We actively participate in the American Cheese Society and collaborate with other cheese-centric groups. Of course, we also take into consideration the need for diversity in milk types, cheese styles, and geographic origin. And ultimately, we choose products we like to eat ourselves. Simple.

If you are looking for a particular product, please give the shop a call to ask a cheesemonger. Hoping to place a special order for a cheese we don't currently have in stock? Email us to see if it's a possibility. Most importantly, come visit us and taste! Our hope is to continue to provide you with new favorites and keep you coming back for more.